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Ce secteur comprend une grande variété d’émetteurs. Ce groupe comprend notamment des sociétés dans les secteurs des services financiers, de l’immobilier, des médias, et des produits à la consommation et industriels

La Bourse a déterminé que Gencan Capital Inc. (l '«émetteur») n'a pas satisfait aux exigences de maintien de l'inscription énoncées dans la politique 2 du CSE, annexe A, section 2.9.

Conformément à l'article 2.4 de la Politique 6, l'Émetteur ne peut pas se fier à une protection confidentielle des prix, ni ne peut effectuer de financement sans l'approbation préalable de la Bourse.

La négociation reste interrompue dans l'attente d'un changement fondamental tel que décrit dans la politique 8. Les opérations sur titres annoncées dans le bulletin 2023-0211 en aucun cas l'approbation de la Bourse, conditionnelle ou autre, de la transaction de changement fondamental.

The Exchange has determined that Idle Lifestyle Inc. (the “Issuer”) has not met the continued listing requirements as set out in CSE Policy 2, Appendix A section 2.9.

Pursuant to Policy 6 section 2.4, the Issuer may not rely on confidential price protection, nor may the Issuer complete any financing without prior Exchange approval.

Investor Note: In addition to the 4,733,706 Subordinate Voting Shares that are listed, there are 815.667 Multiple Voting Shares issued and outstanding but not listed.  The total number of equity shares assuming all of the Multiple Voting Shares are converted into the listed class would be 5,549,373.

Global Hemp Group Inc. (CSE: GHG / OTCQB: GBHPF / FRANKFURT: GHG) is focused on a executing a multi-phased strategy to become a leader in the industrial hemp industry. To further support and innovate, GHG has established a R&D Division to actively pursue the development of Intellectual Property that can be patented for implementation at its projects and beyond. The Division is led by Prof. Víctor M. Castaño, Ph.D. whose career has focused in the areas of applied science and technology. The R&D team will initially focus on development of Environmentally Friendly Construction Materials, Nanofertilizers and Enhanced Extraction from Hemp.

GHG has expanded its scope of business into natural biologic therapeutics having acquired the exclusive North America licensing of patents and IP from Apollon Formularies plc, a UK-based international pharmaceutical company developing cancer treatments from natural biologics, including medical cannabis, functional mushrooms, psychedelic mushrooms and combinations of these compounds, which to date have shown successful independent, third-party results in pre-clinical testing. Apollon utilizes an artificial intelligence-based drug discovery platform. GHG will look to begin sub-licensing this IP throughout Canada, the United States and Mexico where legally permitted to do so.

Chaque bon de souscription donne à son détenteur, à son exercice, avant la date d'expiration, sous réserve d'accélération, le droit d'acquérir une action ordinaire, ainsi que le paiement de la Prix ​​d'exercice de 0,05 $.

Redfund Capital Corp is a Merchant Bank focused on Medical Cannabis (Non-THC), Hemp and CBD.  Redfund seeks to provide debt instruments and equity investing to companies that are developed and validated by revenues.

Goat Industries Ltd. is an investment issuer focused on investing in high-potential companies and assets across a variety of sectors. The paramount goal of the company is to generate maximum returns from its investments.

Grand Peak is a diversified industry investment company. Grand Peak seeks to diversify its portfolio by devoting time and resources to projects from all markets and sectors. The Company principally operates in Canada and the United States.

GreenBank is a merchant banking business, and is included in the CSE Composite Index. GreenBank's 100% subsidiary GreenBank Financial Inc is a merchant bank. GreenBank's portfolio companies comprise equity investments in small cap businesses.

Grounded est engagé dans le commerce équitable, la mode durable et respectueuse de l'environnement, avec un accent initial sur la conception et la production de chaussures.



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